"The Dhamma is the noblest of all gifts,

the best of all tastes and the best of all delights."


Buddha Shakyamuni

NALA Endowment Fund Projects

NALA endowment fund helps poor and orphaned children to acquire education. It also supports translations of spiritual texts, traditional Buddhist art, meditation and Buddhist teachers and their health.

The aim of NALA endowment fund 

NALA endowment fund was founded in 2012, after our first journey to the East. We met with Lama Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and his kind approach to poor children and his selfless work for others have inspired us so much that we spontaneously felt a desire to help him in his activity and to follow his perfect example. We started with the support of a monastic school for children, but more and more opportunities for meaningful activity kept appearing, and now we provide funding not only for two monastic schools, but we also help to preserve the legacy of the traditional Buddhist painting, support Buddhist teachers and help to translate precious and interesting spiritual texts, as well as spread awareness of Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

Our continuous contacts in the East naturally deepened our understanding of Buddha’s teaching (Dharma) and its practical application in everyday life. We felt a pressing urge to make the rich Eastern knowledge and view of the reality of human life accessible also to people in the West.

The finances we not only raise but also actively create are used for the support of projects home and abroad. Traditionally we have been bringing possibilities of quality education for children from poor families in Nepal, who found their home and a big family in the supported monasteries. We continue in this support and believe that it is especially education and kind approach that can best prepare these young men and women for life and increase their chances of a happy future. However, our aim is also to bring possibilities of inner development which leads to psychological stability and happiness to people in the West, where it is so important to stress basic human values. That is why we try to spread awareness of the Eastern view of everyday reality among people in the conditions of our Western world and inform them about the methods that can positively influence our mind.

The goals of the Buddhist practice are noble and aim high. Buddhists strive to achieve full development of their mind, lasting and unconditional happiness and the liberation from suffering of the cyclic existence, in which we are tormented by sickness, old age and death. On the path leading to Enlightenment, Buddhists use practical methods that can be very useful also on the level of our everyday reality. People who meditate are usually more calm, stable and flexible, and both their heart and mind are more open. They tend to cope better with various life surprises and the related emotional swings. With time, new qualities arise in their mind, such as fearlessness, kindness, compassion and wisdom. Our wish is that people in the West also have access to these methods and teachings, so now we focus on preparing the background that would allow them the first contact, leading to deeper understanding or even more extensive study. At the same time, we are happy to announce that in the newly built centre, we will soon offer treatment both for body and soul, based on the principles of the traditional, age-old Tibetan medicine, accompanied by modern diagnostic methods.

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