endowment fund which value eastern wisdom, we strive to preserve philosophical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the Himalayan region

Our activities includes several areas related to the preserve of traditional Eastern wisdom and culture.



Here is a guide to our projects

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In NALA endowment fund we value eastern wisdom and believe we help to preserve it for future generations. 


To a certain extent, the survival of Buddhism is in our hands as well.

Despite their problems, the Western countries can offer not only financial support to inhabitants in Nepal or Sikkim, but also a lot of expertise in construction or modern health care and they may become important supporters of the Eastern countries which have a huge spiritual wealth. Therefore, we believe that the materially rich Europ may use its assets to help people in the underdeveloped region while drawing inspiration from the timeless teachings on mind’s nature that bring development on many levels and have been enriching human lives for more than 2 550 years.

We help provide quality education in monastic schools for Nepali orphans and children from poor families, for whom even a small financial amount can mean a chance for a dignified and happier life. Apart from classical education, children study timeless Buddhist teachings and meditation, under the guidance of Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche. The acquired knowledge will allow them to travel abroad and pass it on to us and our children. 

Because we, as NALA endowment fund, strive to preserve philosophical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the Himalayan region, you can also join us in supporting translations of spiritual texts, traditional Buddhist art of painting and sculpture and in caring for the health of precious Buddhist teachers.

Our endowment fund has been named after a town located close to the new monastic school for boys. The word NALA originates from a local Nepali dialect and means the Loving Eyes Buddha. This Buddhist aspect represents loving kindness of the space and is usually depicted with four arms symbolizing four kinds of Buddhist love.

loving kindness

Kind approach of Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche has inspired us to help others just like him.


It is represented by the connection of east and west. Children in the monastic schools will learn to read and write even in the English language and will thus get a chance of a better life. Thanks to them, our children will be able to become familiar with profound Buddhist teachings and understand that we all have Buddha nature.


We have decided to support a school for Nepali orphans and poor children, who normally spend their lives working in the field and remain illiterate.

shared joy

We rejoice whenever a new piece of art is created, or a lama comes to visit or when our students achieve good results. They inspire us with their contentment in every situation, even in the tough conditions they live in. Join us in our shared joy and be inspired too.